Individual Therapy

Diane Lewis, MA, CCC-SLP provides a full range of individual speech-language therapy services which include:

  • Comprehensive evaluations;
  • Follow-up meeting with the family to discuss the results of the evaluation and recommendations;
  • Individual speech-language therapy at the offices of Diane Lewis, MA, CCC-SLP;
  • School observations and consultations to support the child’s acquisition of speech and language skills;
  • Home programs updated after each session maintained in your child’s binder;
  • Formulation of low tech augmentative communication systems to support the development of functional communication and speech skills.

Co-Treatment Services

During a co-treatment session, the occupational therapist and speech-language therapist work together to address and incorporate goals in a holistic context, as they would occur in natural development.  Co-treatments allow for more effective stimulation to take place in several sensory systems simultaneously and these systems play key foundational roles in motor planning, language, learning, auditory and visual processing, and contribute significantly to cognitive and emotional development.  In a co-treatment session, the speech-language pathologist is better able to address specific goals as the occupational therapist prepares your child to optimally function and perform by implementing a variety of sensory and motor activities.  The sensory activities help with regulation and organization, allowing your child to be more available to learn and communicate, as the motor activities stimulate and promote speech and language.